Adoption Process

In order to be able to adopt one of our kittens you must fill out a Kitten Adoption Application (see below). 

You will receive an email confirmation once approved.

After you receive an email confirmation with an approval we will set up a video call. On this call you can expect for us to go over your application, ask a few more questions about you/family, you will see the kitten you are interested in and you will also have the opportunity to ask us questions as well.

Kittens are available for reservation after 4 weeks of age. You will receive a message notifying you that the kitten is available for reservation. Kittens are considered reserved once a contract is signed and their deposit is received. We can not hold a kitten with out receiving your deposit. It is a first come first serve basis. 

Kittens can start to go home after 12 weeks. Pickup/Delivery arrangements are set to be made ASAP after reservations. Kittens that will be flying to their new homes are only to be flown in cabin with their new owner (you) or us Mystic Dream Maine Coons. Kittens are not allowed to be flown in cargo or driven ground transport cargo. Kittens will only be released to the approved owner on the signed contract unless previously discussed.

Prepare for your new family member by pre-scheduling their first vet appointment. We prefer for the kittens to stay on their original food but understand if this needs to be changed. You can purchase their food, desired toys, litter boxes and kitty litter ahead of pick-up.

After what seems like forever, it is finally time to pick-up your new family member. We recommend a carrier for your drive or flight home. Please have a small portable little box if you will have a long drive or puppy pee pads for your flight. If flying please check your airline requirements for your pet carrier. 

Your free 30 day insurance plan must be set up within 24 hours of pick-up.