Kings & Queens

King Orion

Orion is a white male with white/blue eyes. He is goofy and a sweet heart. He likes to "talk" a lot and is very playful. Orion is on the larger size for the breed and has much more growing to do. 

Queen Xena

Xena is a black smoke female with yellow/green eyes. She is quiet for the most part but does "talk" on occasion. She loves to lay close by and purrs up a storm. 

Queen Venus

Venus is an orange and black tortoiseshell with yellow/green eyes. She is very sweet and loves belly rubs.

Future Queen Athena

Athena is a white female with heterochromia. She has 1 white/blue eye and 1 yellow/green eye. She loves to sit on laps and play fetch. She is a bit mischievous but definitely keeps everyone laughing with her antics. We have nicknamed her Wednesday.

Future Queen Aurora

Aurora is a polydactyl black and silver tabby. She has 6 toes on each of her front paws and 5 toes on each of her back paws. She is a little cuddle bug that loves to purr up a storm.