Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a waitlist?

We currently don’t offer a waitlist for our kittens. You may fill out an application for us to keep on file. You will be notified about upcoming litters and the date they will be available to reserve.This is on a first come, first serve basis. A $500 non-refundable deposit is required to secure your kitten. If at anytime we feel that a person is unfit for one of our kittens their deposit will be refunded and their contract will be voided.

How much are kittens?

Our kittens start at $2,000 - $4,000. Kitten price varies based on lineage and evaluations. Coat color and eye color also play a part in determining the price. All kittens are pet ONLY, no exceptions. At this time we do not offer breeding rights on any of our kittens. The deposit for kitten reservation is $500, this will come out of the final price of the kitten.

Where do the cats live?

All of our cats live inside our home. We are a cage free cattery so they have free roam of the house. They are never outdoor cats. The kittens are in a nursery until they are big enough to free roam (around 6-8 weeks). They also need to eat, drink, and use the litter box on their own.

Do you health test?

Yes, all of our cats are health tested. They are also DNA tested and/or are from parents that are tested.

What is included?

Before going home our kittens will have received their 3 sets of core vaccines. At pickup you can expect to receive a folder including their shot records, de-worming records, health certificate and info for their 30 day insurance. You will also receive a kitten care package including a collar, toys, food sample and a few samples of our favorite brands. We strive to build a life long relationship with our adoptive families. We will always be there to answer any of your questions or concerns. 

How do I pay my deposit?

At this time we accept Zelle and Cash. A deposit will be taken once your application is approved. Information for the deposit will be given upon approval of application. 

Do you allow home visits?

Currently we do not allow visitors unless previously discussed. This is for the health and safely for both our cats and family. Germs can easily be spread and kittens are fragile the first stage of their lives. We do constantly update their new owners and post on social media. We are available for video calls with any future family.

What litter should I use?

We currently are using a mixture of several different brands in our many litter boxes. Our favorite litter box is the Litter Robot. (link with coupon code will be posted soon). 

Our cats seem to favor Pretty Litter. We like it for the color changing effect it presents if there is a health concern. This helps discussions with your Vet to be able to diagnose an issue that may be harder to figure out. They also have a convenient monthly delivery service.  (link to purchase will be posted soon)

When can I pickup my kitten?

Our kittens can start to go home after 12 weeks. By 12 weeks our kittens have had their first three sets of vaccinations. They are very social, playful and confident which makes the transition into a new home much easier.

Where/How do I pickup my kitten?

Pickup/delivery arrangements are set up after a deposit is made. We do prefer our kittens to be picked up from our cattery. We do understand that is not always possible for some families. We have not worked with a transport company. If transport is needed, you can discuss with one our cattery owners. They will figure out the best options that will work with your family. Kittens that will be flying to their new homes are only to be flown in cabin with their new owner or us. Kittens are not allowed to be flown in cargo. Cargo is extremely stressful for a kitten. Most airlines will allow kittens to travel with their owner in a pet carrier. Different types and sizes of the carriers allowed vary per airline. You will have to check with the airline for their pet fee and also carrier size allowed for the flight. Kittens will only be released to the approved owner on the signed contract unless previously discussed. We keep these strict rules to keep our kittens safe. We offer pickup at Hollywood/Ft. Lauderdale Airport (airport code FLL). We offer delivery by air or car for an additional fee.

How much grooming is required?

Grooming is a very important with long haired pets like Maine Coons. We use a slicker brush and a greyhound comb, these can be purchased at most pet supply stores. It is important to use a comb as well as a slicker brush as slicker brushes only reach the top layer of fur. A comb will ensure you are getting down to the root and reduce the risk of matting with a proper routine. Our cats have a routine starting when they are about 3 weeks old. They are brushed and combed several times a week, their nails are cut as needed (generally every 2-3 weeks). Keeping them in a routine will make the process much easier. Massaging your kittens paws will reduce their anxiety with nail trimming.

What do your cats eat?

Our cats and kittens are free fed. We keep their bowls accessible and full at all times. They are able to eat as they please throughout the day. This is important for Maine Coon kittens. Due to their larger size, they need more food compared to the average cat. They also have several wet cans of food throughout the day. They eat Purina Pro Plan LIVECLEAR. This food has been amazing since it came out in 2020. We recommend purchasing a bag of their kitten food so they do not get an upset stomach on top of the transition into their new home. Once the kitten is settled in after a few weeks, you can switch their food if needed. Mix their current food with the new for at least a week to ensure an easier transition. It will help their tummy get used to the new food. We currently feed them Fancy Feast kitten wet food. 

Do you show?

Currently we are not showing. We will be in the near future. There aren't any shows in our area for the time being. We are looking into traveling to several shows and hopefully we will enter several in the next year or so. 

Are your kittens registered?

Yes. Our cattery is registered with TICA. 

What if I (or my family) have cat allergies?

Great news for people with cat allergies. Long-haired cats like the Maine Coon are not hypoallergenic, though their lower levels of the protein Fel d1 present in a cat’s dander, saliva, and urine do make them more suited to allergy sufferers. Maine Coons shed less hair than other cat breeds so owners are less likely to come into contact with the protein they are allergic to. 

Our cattery owner is extremely allergic to cats and could not be around any cats without having an allergy related asthma attack. In 2020 Purina Pro Plan LiveClear made it's way to stores. Pro Plan LiveClear is a first-of-its-kind cat food that safely and effectively reduces cat allergens. All cats, regardless of gender or breed produce an allergen called Fel d 1 in their saliva. When cats groom themselves they spread the saliva onto their hair and shed the allergens in the environment. When cats eat LiveClear everyday a key protein found in eggs binds to the Fel d 1 in cat saliva and neutralizes it. Our cattery made the switch to LiveClear and never looked back. There are no longer any allergy issues for ANY of the cat allergy sufferers that have visited our cattery. (link coming soon)