Pet Sitting

Who doesn't need a pet sitter every once in a while? Whether you're going on vacation, have an emergency situation or just need a break for a day or two... We've got you covered!

Animals imported from overseas? We handle those as well! Contact us today for your FREE QUOTE!

While your pet(s) are staying with our Mystic Dream Team, they will be very well cared for and spoiled just like we would for our own animals. Your pet(s) will be safely quarantined away from any other animals, while still being loved and treated as our own animals. We have a team that works around the clock, including 24 hour emergency Vet care if needed.

Emergency Vet Services are solely determined by our Mystic Dream Team. If we feel your animal may be sick or something does not seem quite right with them, we will seek emergency vet care. We keep very detailed records of your pet(s) entire stay with our Dream Team.